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High Quality Dog Grooming

Cherish Dog Grooming aims to provide high quality and caring mobile dog grooming services that make dogs feel and look good and offers their owners the convenience of a service that they can trust, at their home or place of work.

The Cherish mobile dog grooming salon serves Chelmsford and the surrounding areas.

The salon will come to you so that you and your pet do not have to travel. The vehicle has its own water supply which is heated to the right temperature for bathing dogs and it hooks up to your electricity supply. The salon is equipped to enable the groomer to prepare, bathe and hand dry your dog. The groomer will then style your dog to your preference.  



Cherish Dog Grooming is a good choice for dogs that are:

  • Elderly – our service and our vehicle can accommodate dogs that need a little more time and assistance to feel and look gorgeous.
  • Nervous – the grooming experience is one to one with the groomer.  There is no contact with other dogs, no cages are involved, and there is no stress related travelling or waiting around for collection.  Cherish Dog Grooming has chosen quiet equipment so that noise is kept to a minimum
  • Active – dogs love rivers, mud and fox poo and sharing all that with you, your car and home so have the Cherish Dog Grooming number to hand when your four legged friend next needs a bath.
  • Hairy – if you have not had your dog groomed for a long time it can be difficult to find a groomer who is willing to style it. Cherish Dog Grooming has the equipment and techniques to wash and groom dogs of all shapes and sizes so call or e-mail to see if we can help-we may not be able to work miracles but we can make an amazing difference. Go to our gallery page.



Cherish Dog Grooming is a good choice for you if you:

  • Are busy – call us to book an appointment at home or at work that meets your timetable.
  • Are unable to drive – the mobile salon comes to you.
  • Have more than one dog or have your dog groomed regularly-take advantage of our loyalty scheme and special offers.
  • Do not have the faclities or equipment to groom your dog at home.
  • Want a hygienic and convenient service - your dog is groomed at your home but not in the house. Cherish Dog Grooming takes away all trimmed hair.
  • Want a high standard of care and service. Cherish Dog Grooming is fully insured. The groomer has completed a City and Guilds course at an accredited centre and is a member of the British Dog Groomers Association. Cherish Dog Grooming adheres to the Animal Welfare Act and liaises with local veterinary practices.  Cherish Dog Grooming takes all waste away and disposes of it responsibly.
  • Want a range of dog grooming services at an affordable cost.  Go to Our Services for more details or call 07440 037 219